The Most Common Spine Issues People Deal With

When I was suffering from neck and back problems, my doctor advised me to ease my fears and concerns by correctly making me aware of the various issues related to the spine. Though a considerable amount of research has been conducted in the field of other health related issues, the context of spine related diseases has not got much attention. Thus I reached out to our friends over at the Charlotte Chiropractor and Spine Institute to help out with this article. They made me aware of the various common issues in the spinal cord that everyone deals with in their daily life.

I also found out that by having an overview of the common spine problems and the importance of spine to the human body, I can effectively take care of my back in a holistic manner. I have consulted various online medical journals and books and have come up with different issues related to the spinal cord. With the emergence of a hectic lifestyle, we tend to overlook these problems. However, in future, these issues can negatively affect us, and there are high chances that it could cripple our lower back.

Out of various spine issues that we have to deal with, neck pain or the Cervical Spine Pain is one of the frequently occurring illnesses. We may not be aware of the fact that our cervical spine comprises of seven vertebrae and each of these seven vertebrae is separated by discs. These discs act as cushions between our bones. Quite interestingly, the cervical discs that are present in our body play a great role in stabilizing our neck and it also renders our neck with a high amount of mobility. As per recent studies, around 65% of the population is likely to suffer from pain in the cervical spine. On the other hand, we should take into account the fact that neck pain can result from both degenerative and generative spine issues. Moreover, our repeated attempts to bend and twist our neck can have an adverse impact on our cervical spine over a considerable period of years.

Lower Back Pain is another painful condition that can arise if we do not take into consideration the fitness aspects of our body. The lower back pain resides in the Lumbar Spine. Many of us are unaware of the fact that the lumbar spine is made up of five vertebrae. These bones are usually than the rest of the spinal bones. When we encounter any injury in our lower back, it causes strain in the lumbar spine and can affect our daily activities. We must be aware that the probability of lower back pain is quite high among those population who have poor physical health, stressful lifestyle and poor posture. On the other hand, in the younger population, the lower back pain can be attributed to the reasons for the rapid growth and poor posture. Hence, it is important that we practice our posture in the right manner to keep spinal issues at bay.