Scandals in homecare centers


While most home care centers put in place measures to ensure everything goes according to plan and clients get value for money, some have not been so lucky. A number of such centers have received allegations that received extensive exposure. Below are some of the most common scandals in these crucial institutions.  Scandals in home care centers

Medication errors

Dosage and medication errors often arise from something accidental like transcription error or miscommunication. Another common form of medication error occurs when a client is on prescribed painkillers and massage sandals  mistakenly takes too much and in the process puts their life in danger due to overdose. Caregivers who have found such a patient and failed to take appropriate action have faced accusations the ended up tainting the image of the entire center.


 Inconsistent quality of service

Some caregivers are more passionate, better skilled and more humble than others. Some clients who previously received services from one exceptional caregiver only to return later and find a complete opposite quality of service have resorted to publicly expressing their displeasure with disastrous outcomes to the center. When word starts spreading round and reaching to potential customers, the image they get makes them shun the facility altogether.

Lack of enough facilities

Many home care centers have been accused of placing elderly and vulnerable residents at risk by having them climb the stairs instead of using the lift and washing them with cold water. Some caregivers even fail to help residents eat, resulting in their health deteriorate in the hands of people who are paid to do the exact opposite. Also having the elderly persons sleep for extended periods of time, leading to the development of bed sores is a common allegation.

Untrained caregivers

Some facilities either for lack of resources of out of sheer ignorance engage untrained caregivers and allocate them roles that should be provided by skilled personnel. Some are trained in one specialty but are asked to do a totally different thing when serving a client. Some residents have complained of tasteless foods due to lack of cooking skills by the person preparing the meals. Even when one has received the right training it helps to ascertain their capability before asking them to serve the clients.

Poor Coordination

Some caregivers call the supervisor and request for sick leave only yet despite granting the leave he or she does not send a replacement. The resulting confusion and inconvenience are palpable. Either the caregiver will stay on duty despite being sick or the client will be left without a caregiver. Either way, the ensuring claim is greatly damaging both to the center in charge and to the profession at large. Such a minor communication problem should be fixed to avoid inconveniencing anyone.


Home care centers, just like all other institutions, are not immune to scandals. However, by taking the necessary precaution and ascertaining everything, some of these damaging accusations can be eliminating. Every caregiver should, therefore, play their own role. Persons in charge should ensure the caregivers are not only trained and qualified but also passionate about their jobs.