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Taking a look at how the beauty treatment botox might also help with migraines

In case you had never heard about the breaking news back in 2012, it’s true – the beauty treatment Botox can be used to treat chronic migraines. The research has shown that people who have been addressed with the Botox reported fewer days of having migraines than people who were treated with the placebo.

Are you thinking about trying to reduce the pain from headaches using botox? Let’s first dig into the question does botox help with migraines and where can you find the adequate treatment for that.

Botox and migraines

Botox is a purified protein that can be found in spoiled food and used for other purposes. The most popular one is in the aesthetic surgery – recovery the original structure of the face and to fight the wrinkles that are following the aging process. Botox helps the muscles to gain their plasticity, causing the skin to retrieve its previous shape.

The application of botox into several points on the neck, more precisely on the muscles of the upper neck, can help in reducing the pain from the migraines. In the research mentioned above, conducted in the UK, the scientists concluded that botox could assist the migraine patients in pain management. The patients that were treated with the botox injections reported feeling headache pain in less number of days than the patients that weren’t treated with botox. Additionally, the pain from the migraines was less intensive than usual.

The advantage of Botox over the traditional approach

While medicines like Imitrex or Topamax can help to reduce pain for a short period, Botox can give you long-term effects. The way Botox works in your body are this: it paralyzes or weakens the muscles, disabling them to make a contraction. That way, the intervals in which the muscle contraction occurs are less frequent. What muscle contractions (or spasms) have to do with migraines? Well, they can be very painful, especially if they’re triggered as a response to stress, anxiety, anguish, or depression.does botox help with migraines

It should be noted that the process of using botox in the pain management is a long one. You’ll probably feel the relief after a couple of therapies, but the real effects will appear after consistent and continuous treatment.

Are you qualified to get the Botox treatment

In case you’re wondering whether you can book a medical care with Botox or not, you need to answer these questions:

  • How long do you have headaches (how many days in one month period)?
  • How intense are the headaches (a slight sharp pain in the forehead, or severe pain that’s spreading from one side of the head to the other)?
  • Do you face nausea or vomiting?

If your answer to the first question is somewhere around 15-20 days in one month, there’s a chance that you’re suffering from the migraines. The next step would be to define how many times in that 15-20 day period are you experiencing severe headaches. If that number is at least the half of the days (8-10), then you’ll probably suffer from the migraines. If you’ve tried all the other migraine treatments with low or no effect, get a consult from a trained professional to try the botox treatment.