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Five Massaging Sandals

Top Five Massaging Sandals for Sore Feet

Massage sandals are technically known as reflexology sandals. Such massage sandals function by utilizing acupressure below the feet. The bottom of the feet consists of various pressure points all interlinking to multiple vital organs present in the body. Triggering such pressure points can provide numerous benefits such as easing stress, relieving pain and improving blood circulation in the body.

Adidas men’s adissage sandals 4.2

Sports equipment manufacturing giant, Adidas has issued the slide designed sandals to address sore and tired feet of particularly hardworking personnel employed in accounting, nursing, factories, waiters and postal offices. The sandals are composed of massaging synthetic nubs which cover the entire area of the foot. In addition is the feature of adjustable straps enabling more room for comfort for your feet.


Adidas original women’s adissage sandals 4.2

Designed to treat women’s feet, such sandals are developed in the slide style. The sandals consist of a rubber footbed covered with small nubs that massage the sole of the feet and stimulate pressure points under the feet. Besides, they add better grip due to their rubber properties and often comes in straps which can be adjusted for a better fit and comfort.

adidas women

Quicksilver men’s massage sandals 4.2

Manufactured by one of the biggest water sports companies, quicksilver’s massaging slippers are unique in their class. Such massaging sandals stimulate pressure points and relieve tired feet using the foam embedded deep inside them. What’s better is the fact that these massaging sandals are waterproof. Users have confirmed to gain a sense of relief when walking on such sandals when incurring foot ache.


Gone for a run PR soles recovery sandals 4.0

The U.S based Sports Company specifically designed such sandals for athletes during their downing process of massaging their feet in order to help in recovery. Such sandals are made of a plastic exterior with the footbed consisting of soft foam that utilizes acupressure to stimulate pressure points and relieve any ache and increase blood circulation, all of which occur when walking on these sandals.


Bumper’s premium men’s and women flip flops massage sandals 3.9

Bumper’s premium massaging flip-flops are quite interesting regarding the fact these sandals are made from recycled rubber and are quite environmentally friendly. They are waterproof as well. Such flip flop’s footbed is made up of small nubs that target tired and aching foot by stimulating nerve endings below the feet, inducing a sense of relief and comfort.