About Us

The Boston Spine Group is leading chiropractic institution, offering an alternative way for your spinal or musculoskeletal problems. Our specialists are trained in treating several types of spinal-related issues, ranging from non-specific back pains to severe conditions, such as neurological problems, scoliosis, spondylosis, cervical herniated disc, kyphosis, and lumbago.

We’re dedicated to giving you an immediate pain relief, but also to prevent your problem from becoming a chronic pain. We are aware of the severity of back and neck pain, especially in the case when they’re not treated correctly or consistently. Patients who are facing this type of pain suffer from side-effects, which often include headaches, nausea, poor posture, or other.

With applying some of the most effective chiropractic techniques, our physicians and experts will enhance your body’s response to movability. The primary therapy is conducted in our offices, which are designed to give you the comfort and support you need. However, we’re not just taking care of our patients during the treatment. An important part of our approach to chiropractic is advising the patients how they can prevent further injuries or problems. With that kind of approach, we guarantee the best possible results. No more pain or sleepless nights – get your smile back on with Boston Spine Group.